Lakes Wedding Magicians

What We Do

Looking to add a touch of magic to your wedding?

Lakes Wedding Magicians are an award-winning trio of friendly magicians who combine comedy and sleight of hand to amaze your guests with their close-up magic.

With decades of experience, and multiple close-up magic awards, Paul, Stan and Jack are sure to leave a lasting impression at your wedding.

Who We Are


Jack, happily the youngest of the three, currently holds the title of 'North West Close-Up Magician of the Year' for two years running now. His world-class sleight of hand is guaranteed to convert even the most sceptical and will leave your guests bamboozled in the best way possible.

Jack Rhodes

With over twenty years of combined experience performing magic, Paul and Stan have developed and honed their styles to perfection.

Paul, the card hustler, will invite you into a fascinating world of gambling cons and street scams taking you behind the scenes into the best kept secrets of casino cheats.

Stan, the master of tomfoolery, brings a touch of madness with a smile and is perfect cannon-fodder for children and adults alike.

Together, Paul and Stan have created a unique magic double act you won't find anywhere else. 

Paul & Stan

Although we take our business seriously, we don't like to take ourselves too seriously. As three friendly Cumbrian fellows we feel that a down-to-earth approach works best for both ourselves and your guests. If you're looking for a fun, magical touch to your wedding we just might be the answer.

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