Why Magic?

We often find that many people have never seen close-up magic in person before and so aren't sure how we can help support an event. Here are a few key points explaining how we can enhance your wedding:

  • If you want to create a happy, lively atmosphere at your wedding then close up magic is ideal.

We mix plenty of fun in with the tricks and the sound of laughter and gasps of amazement helps to create a great feeling of being part of something genuinely enjoyable.

  • Close-up magic can break the ice.

If you have a collection of guests who may not know each other well, our close-up magic can help relax them and bring them all together.

  • Close up magic can appeal to everyone from young children to the elderly.

This means you don’t have to worry that some of your guests may feel excluded, the performance can be enjoyed by everyone.

Why Us?

With our speciality being weddings, we have a wealth of experience not just in ‘doing magic tricks’ but also in connecting with your guests and making sure everybody has a good time.


As down to earth local magicians you won’t find us taking ourselves too seriously and you won’t need to worry about paying extra expenses to cover accommodation costs etc.

When Is Best?

Although we are flexible to whatever your day requires we are usually booked for a two and a half hour slot.

Through experience we have found that the best time for us to begin is just as the main dinner is finishing. This gives us time to do walk-around ‘table magic’ at the various tables, we can then help keep the guests entertained with ‘mix and mingle’ magic as the night-do is being prepared. We then, depending on the timings, usually spend a little time performing through the start of the night-do as new guests arrive.

Every wedding is of course different and we are more than happy being flexible to suit your needs.